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Message From Emmanuel Mgbekwute

emanuel update


Whether you are a potential customer who want us to use our expertise to handle their project; or an existing customer checking up on our latest news; or a partner, supplier or future employee looking for new opportunities, I trust you will find what you are looking for here.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our website, Makakwute Innovative Group is a proactive company formed with the sole purpose of providing diversified growth and profits through its subsidiary companies. Which consist the following:

  • Lehae Farms
  • Makakwute Feeds
  • Makakwute Investment
  • Makakwute Energy Resources
  • Makakwute Consulting Services

The Management Team of Makakwute Innovative Group is convinced and determined in their belief that sound financial practice with ethical business governance remains essential foundation for the success of the organization. This formed the basis for launching the vision 2022 and Beyond with the Theme “Sustain│Diversify│Grow Now & Beyond 2022” I am delighted to let you know this theme has become the anchorage to all the operations of the company from Now and Towards 2020 and Beyond.

Our operating environment is expected to change dramatically over the coming years, but our overriding philosophy of placing clients at the heart of everything we do will remain unchanged. As we head towards 2022 and beyond, we will continue to transform ourselves and take on new challenges with the aim of creating a solid operating platform that can deliver consistent growth in all operations of the company.

Aiming For Consistent Growth.

In 2015, we took a giant step to complete and ensure all equipment for the infrastructural projects are completed, the completion of the new organic feed factory, has given birth to our long-term management vision “Sustain│Diversify│Grow Now & Beyond 2022”. This calls for us, to transform ourselves and create a robust group of companies capable of delivering consistent growth and customer’s satisfaction, as we head towards 2022 and beyond,

The key indicator behind this is the changes we envisage over the coming years. In Nigeria, the new approach to agriculture and healthy food production will continue to grow, many youths including business professionals are beginning to consider part or full time participation in agriculture, and government is placing strong emphasis on agro-allied business. While the global geopolitical landscape shifts significantly as economic growth heads towards the continent of Africa, through innovation and conventional wisdom, the way agro business is conducted could undergo fundamental changes.

Digital transformation in the oil and gas industry is already a fact. In the present climate, the quest is not only for volume, rather for value. Oil companies need to make money in a new price regime. The oil and gas business model can no longer sustain an inflated and inefficient value chain in the search for, and delivery of, hydrocarbons to the world markets.

In a time of unprecedented technology advancements, the physical capacities and cognitive abilities of the oil and gas industry are leaping by greater bounds every year. For example, a number of drilling advancements at both the rig and downhole levels have helped producers reach targets previously impossible to consider. However, the key to unlocking full digital transformation across the oil and gas sector will involve both soft and hard automation technologies as well as require more nimble work practices.

Through Makakwute Energy Resources Limited, we actively focused on downstream sectors of the Nigeria Oil and Gas industry and commodity trades such as Gold, Diamond and other precious minerals. Our objective is to provide solutions backed with the latest technologies that provide full value to the clients. Furthermore, we have formed close business association with NNPC terminals and reputed vendors, which enable us to meet the most challenging demands of clients in terms of specific solutions and urgent deliveries

Sustainable Growth

Naturally, we cannot accurately predict what Nigeria will be like in ten or twenty years' time. That is why we are looking to lay the foundation for a solid operating company that can help us sustain growth even under uncertain conditions.

To achieve this vision, we are working to address two overriding issues:

  • Transforming our business model in Nigeria
  • Improving the profitability of our all operations.
  • We are already starting to see results, but when we look ahead to 2022 and beyond, we still have a lot of work to do. By leveraging our strengths and transforming ourselves from within, we will continue to take on new challenges to seek growth. Some initiatives may not lead to concrete results in the short term, but I am personally committed to ensuring their contribution to our success over the longer term.

    Considering the power supply problem which has dragged/slow down the production output of the company in the last year or so, management has embarked on massive project to generate power for itself to alleviate this power supply problem, by the first quarter of 2021, the first phase of the power project will be operational.

    Staying Relevant to the Founding Principles.
    Our Founding Principles have acted as a compass to guide our work and contribute to economic development. As our operating environment changes, we need to distil what needs to be passed on to future generations from what needs to change. With this in mind, we have drawn up a corporate philosophy, which we share with employees, stakeholders, Suppliers and customers. Profit is not our driven force, rather Quality, Virtue and Integrity remains the fundamental philosophy, when we uphold these principles, we are convinced the profit records of the organization will increase effortlessly.

    To remain relevant to society and ensure consistent growth, we must listen to our diverse group of stakeholders, suppliers and increasingly contribute to resolving issues that faces our customers. Looking ahead, we are entering an era in which conventional wisdom will be increasingly challenged and the Agro Allied industries, Oil and Gas supply and trade, will change considerably. No matter what the future holds, we must expand our focus with an eye on helping solve human and environmental issues to continue to be relevant to society.

    I am excited to assure all Stakeholders, Investors, Suppliers, Distributors and Customers that the entire staff of the company, have what it takes to actualize our vision theme “Sustain│Diversify│Grow Now & Beyond 2022”. Do not be deterred in any way to invest or do business with any of the companies under Makakwute Group, we value the support and view your business as a partnership.

    Thank You, 
    For Makakwute Innovative Group
    “Sustain│Diversify│Grow Now & Beyond 2022”

    Emmanuel Mgbekwute
    Group Managing Director / CEO