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Makakwute Consulting

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We special in Farm Consulting

We tinker with everything, ponder often, design and create engaging agro-integrated farm, with innovative experiences that clears the lines between physical structures and operational design, also by integrating management and operational efficiency.

We do
We're born fanatics when it comes to making your next farm setup idea a reality.

Talk to us today to make it happen!!

  • Existing Farm reformation
  • Setup a new farm
  • Farm Equipment sales
  • General Farm management consulting



For us, the only job well done is one where our customers are left with a memorable experience. From service engagement and consulting to pinning customer satisfaction.

We can help you harness your business potential and enhance your productivity

New Farm Setup

From the moment we sit with you to discuss your business idea concerning farming, we will impress in you the importance of being proud of the profession you are about to enter.

We attempt to understand your needs before we take your idea and make it a reality through rapid prototyping and engaging conversation.

We have all the farm designs and equipment that you will need to start your farming business, we partner with the best brands and big names in the industry to make sure that any equipment we supply to you for the setting up of your farm meets the highest standards. We tailor make your need to suit your budget, and we ensure that you make profit from your business..

Customer Experience

good service

At the heart of everything we do lies a great farmer experience. We take pride in our interfaces and really think about engagement before we design and build.

We understand that you worked hard for your money as such we will want to make sure that your business gives you the best with the best experience you will ever imagine by choosing a career in farming.

After Sales Services

sales service Picture

Awesome developed farm aren't islands unto themselves, we integrate with other back-office systems to insure effective management and use. Any equipment used in designing your farm or you buy from us, we ensure that we will offer after sales service for a period of time agreed in the sales contract. We will be hands on to provide you advice regularly on what you ought to do to keep your business moving forward, we ensure routine visits to your farm to inspect and make sure the system and the equipment are running with the intended design.

Contract Growers

contract grower

Should a farmer not been able to setup a farm in a standard that is required, but have what it takes to be a good farmer, we offer training for such to help to prepare their business plan, feasibility and viability reports and forward it to our financial partners who will evaluate it. Should you qualify, you will be registered as our contract grower partner, which means Makakwute Innovative Limited, though her subsidiary Lehae Farms will ensure that you receive all you need to start immediately working as a farmer and whatever you produce will be bought outright by our partners based on the buying price as stipulated and agreed on the contract. Contract growers are mostly required for poultry.

Our process

Our process

1. Consultation

We involve our clients early on, this ensures we have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and we advise you with all it may take to achieve your ideas.

2. Design

We will take you from idea to reality by designing and building a farm that you always wanted.

3. Experience

From the get go we focus on powerful engagement and memorable experiences, because we know that with us customers are royallty.

4. Development

Using the best and quality industry tools and equipment we bring ideas to life, and we offer after sales services that will blow your mind