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Project Management

Our primary objective is the growth of our clients’ business and development of communities, this objective is inherent in our systems and procedures. We value a business by the understanding a client has of the systems, processes and areas which make the business profitable or unprofitable. 

We aim to maximise our clients understanding of their markets, communities and organisations in order to tap in to their true earning potential. It is to the client’s best interest to employ a continuous development plan upon which an effective; well-timed growth strategy will be implemented. Development should be used to sustain and grow a business and hopefully not to rescue a business.

We provide portfolio, programme, project and contract management. With specialities in joint venture analysis, business feasibility studies, business strategy formulation, business re-engineering strategies, enterprise development strategies, local economic development strategies, socio economic strategies, procurement strategies.

We are in the business of creating value for clients through an integrated consulting model. We have the infrastructure and support systems to offer strategic business advice and assistance to our clients either through our internal capacity or through our partners. We provide strategic and tactical developmental strategies to our clients to ensure that growth in a business is maximised, as an outside party we bring objectivity into any project and are able to make sure that the internal politics of an organisation do not impact on any developmental projects.

Lincoln Matli an ICB CFA is our divisional director with expertise in programme and project management, capital raising and strategic funding experience. He has years of experience as a supply chain specialist in both the private sector and public sector. His capability as a business strategist has assisted many businesses in unlocking their value chains and creating sustainable market presence and growth.