Telephone : +234 808 888 1000


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We understand the need to get orders on time and financial impact delay supply can have on your business. Lack of full and constant electricity supply from Nigeria Electricity Distribution is having adverse effect on our entire production and operation. However we are busy with installation of power generation plants, which will eliminate electricity challenges, in a very near future.

After submitting you orders online, please call any of the telephone numbers beneath to confirm if product is available for immediate supply or when to expect delivery, before making payment.

  1. +234 905 363 6817 (MAS Rep)
  2. + 243 905 363 6816 (PDTM)
  3. +234 905 363 6813 (EPA)
  4. +234 905 363 6810 (SRC)

We regret any inconveniences delivery delays has caused our customers, and promise management is doing all it could to eliminate these challenges.

Our Esteem Customers are Royalties.

Thank you,