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Frozen Whole chicken

How a fresh broiler is chilled has a substantial influence on its shelf life, preservation, meat structure and its final yield. Lehae Farm poultry processing is equipped with various technologies, which chills birds to the correct core temperature without freezing wings or neck flaps. Water chilled or superficially dry but with some moisture retained in the meat, weight loss is kept to an absolute minimum and the end consumer presented with end products of an attractive color. Our chilling system gives high yield and bacteriologically high quality end products perfect for sale either fresh or frozen.


Our end-of-line equipment section performs the final operations to complete the packing process and provide the preservation required by the end customer. Our high capacity processing requires ever more production control and management information, when it comes to optimizing profits and overall production performance.

Indeed it takes a specialized and dedicated work force to provide you the end customer with a high quality product, just imagine what it will be like, to host a party, and gather friends for weekend barbeque or any special occasion without juicy and healthy nourished chicken from Lehae Farms.