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Management Team

The Management Team of Makakwute Innovative Limited is convinced and determined in their belief that sound financial practice with ethical business governance remains essential foundation for the success of the organization. They understood that it is only by implementing integrity across the entire business and upholding the highest standards of business ethics they can gear the company toward achieving its business objectives.

They work as supporting team to the Group Managing Director and CEO Emmanuel Mgbekwute. Whose ultimate responsibility is to direct the company operations to maximize return on used capital, and to generate profit for the company through consistent growth. He is responsible to develop a strategy that will implement the mission and vision statement of the company, in accordance with the core values of the organization.

The GMD/CEO with his Management Team are more concerned with leading and inspiring employees to add value to the Company than exercising formal authority, they walk the talk. This requires a high personal commitment from each of them with important mindset geared towards results. They are making a difference in everything they do by having passion to win and creating gaps with our competition through discipline, accountability and customer satisfaction. They are focused on long-term business development plan without losing sight of the necessity to continuously deliver sound profit results for shareholders and investors.

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Emmanuel Mgbekwute Group Managing Director and CEO
Nolubabalo Makamandela Executive Director
Uche Ume Operations Director
David Odde HR/Admin and Legal Director
Joyce Bassey Financial Director

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Our profession is greatly reliant on manpower. For the past few years, the main objective of our Human Resources Department has been to provide sufficient manpower to support the strong development of our company.



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We aim to consolidate the growth and development of Makakwute Innovative Limited and its subsidiaries, by creating a stable profit structure and robust financial base.



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The animal feed industry has been hampered by the lack of quality feed, poor government support for farmers and unavailability of young stock, for this we aim to expand out stake in the agro allied industry in Nigeria.