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Makakwute Poultry Feed

Makakwute Feed Picture 2

At Lehae Farms we understand that many farmers want to reap the rewards of their hard work, and most of them depend on poultry farming to make a living, in view of this we developed a nutrition parked poultry feed.  This feed for poultry consists largely of grain, protein, essential vitamins and mineral supplements.  

The quantity and the nutritional requirements of the feed, depend on the weight and age of the poultry, their rate of growth and egg production. We have to study the impact of weather on Broiler and Layers farming in the country to enable us formulate feed that will enhance the energy needs of the bird during hot and raining seasons, also considering the amount of time birds spend for foraging.

This understanding helps us to formulate world class poultry feed that will assist dedicated farmers to enhance productivity, we formulate and produce OPTIGRO-V3 CRUMBLE AND PELLET FOR BROILER AND LAYERS a remarkable product from our extensive research.

Optigro-V3 Crumble and Pellet Poultry Feed for Broilers and Layers
The Makakwute Poultry Feed Optigro-V3 Grade is specifically formulated through strict quality control measures to guarantee the following:

  1. Rapid Growth with Less Mortality
  2. Good Weight and Body Size
  3. Healthy Chicken and Delicious Meat
  4. High Energy Feed with optimum production
  5. Strong Eggshell and Big Size Eggs
  6. Deep Golden Yolk and Delicious Eggs
  7. Healthy Hens and Less Mortality
  8. Quality GM-Free Ingredients

Optigro-V3 Crumble and Pellet for Layers

  1. Optigro-V3 Starter 1 & 2
  2. Optigro-V3 Grower
  3. Optigro-V3 Developer
  4. Optigro-V-3 Pre-Lay
  5. Optigro-V3 Peaking
  6. Optigro-V3 Layer 2, 3 and 4

Optigro-V3 Crumble and Pellet for Broiler

  1. Optigro-V3 Starter
  2. Optigro-V3 Grower
  3. Optigro-V3 Finisher
  4. Optigro-V3 Post Finisher

Advantages of using Optgro-V3 crumbles and Pellet for Broilers and layers.

Easy Digestibility
It enhances feed conversion ration both in body/egg size and weight.

Essential Vitamins and Nutrients
It is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that enhances growth, also assist in fighting against harmful micro-organism and diseases.

Non Pollutant
It is scientifically engineered crumbles/pellet which enhances digestion and feed conversation ration and high in energy

The price of Makakwute Optigro-V3 Poultry Feed is affordable compared to its achievable result. A bag of this is equals to 2 or 3 bags of ordinary mesh feed. The result is outstanding and speaks for itself