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Makakwute Innovative limited



Makakwute Innovative Ltd is a proactive company formed with the sole purpose of providing diversified growth through investments. The business focuses on offering high-end quality services and products through its subsidiary companies or divisions.

Through our structures, unique partnerships and strategic alliances, Makakwute Innovative has created a critical mass infrastructure and a value driven culture to efficiently serve its chosen markets. These alliances also help us to provide additional value creating products to our clients and to reach more customers than otherwise possible.

Our Uniqueness

We are passionate about our work and committed to achieving our goals, always looking for innovative and creative ways to improve, whilst constantly striving to break new ground. We create an enabling diversified environment of investment through products and services.

This business and its people are driven by values of Legendary Service

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Visionary Management

These values are important to us because they make our clients understand who we are and why they should choose us as partners to their companies and to be recipients to our products and services.