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Makakwute Dry Catfish

dryfish2At Lehae farms, processing food demands attention to details from the staff at the fish dry section. Fishes are harvested fresh from the ponds according to the sizes the customer required.

They are carefully slaughtered, thoroughly washed, and the belly carefully cut open and intestine and the gills removed, we leave absolutely nothing in the belly only whole fish for your enjoyment.

Once they are thoroughly washed and rinsed, we placed them in the oven, carefully curled without any stick holding, it required a special skill to curl a fish without a stick. We do not dry with electric oven nor do we dry with fireSmoked Dry Catfish wood.

We only dry our fishes using the heat from charcoal, the oven is specifically constructed to inhibit direct flame, also has chambers that allows only the heat to penetrate and tenderly roast and dry the fishes.

For this reason our fishes once it is done has a golden brown color with strong fresh aroma, it take about three days to get it nice and fresh for your enjoyment. To us everything we produce, health is the primary focus, we ensure fresh and healthy food from our farm.