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Makakwute Catfish Feed


At Lehae Farms we understand that many farmers want to reap the rewards of their hard work, and most of them depend on fish farming to make a living, in view of this we developed a nutrition parked catfish feed.

 This feed consists largely of grain, protein, essential vitamins and mineral supplements.  

Since cultured catfish get only a small portion of their food nutrients naturally, they must be fed a complete feed. That is, one formulated to provide all required nutrients in the proper proportions necessary for rapid weight gain, high feed efficiency, and a desirable composition of gain and vitamins.

Makakwute Catfish feed has proven to be the best in aquaculture industries since the development and introduction of Vegpro-1720.

Catfish Feed Vegpro-1720
The Makakwute Catfish Feed Vegpro-1720 Grade is specifically formulated through strict quality control measures to guarantee the following:

  1. Produced from Quality Vegetable Base Ingredients
  2. Ensures Rapid Growth with Less Mortality
  3. Allows farmers to spend less or nothing on medication.
  4. Ensures Good Weight and Body Size
  5. Ensure Healthy and tasty Catfish
  6. Harvest from 3-4 months depending of production target 

For Standard Sizes Grow-Out fishes:

  • 2mm
  • 4mm
  • 4mm
  • 8mm

For fishes in Hatchery:
Crumble Sizes

  • 0.5mm
  • 0.8mm
  • 1 mm

Advantages of using Makakwute Feed Catfish Feed Grade Vegpro-1720:

Easy Digestibility
FRC takes place in no time within 2 hours of feed consumption. It enhances feed conversion ration both in body size and weight.

Essential Vitamins and Nutrients
It is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that enhances growth, also assist in fighting against harmful micro-organism and diseases

Non Pollutant
It is a slow sinking organic Pellet which fishes consumes in no time, because it is palatable and this results in less biomass.

The price of Makakwute Vegpro-1720 Catfish Feed is affordable compared to its achievable result, the feed contains less dust and gives value for money.