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Agricultural Science

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Agriculture as a concept has grown as well. A decade or two back, it was associated solely with the production of basic crops. Modern agriculture includes forestry, bee keeping, fruit cultivation, poultry, and even dairy farming. Webster’s Dictionary says, “Agriculture is the art or science of production of crops and livestock.”

If you think agriculture is just about planting seeds and tending animals, think again. Agriculture is about providing safe, affordable and nutritious food – for today and for the future – while also protecting our natural environment.

At Lehae Farms a Trademark of Makakwute Innovative Limited, we strive to conduct research on different areas of agriculture, mostly focusing attention on Poultry, Aquaculture and Piggery.

The demands on agricultural research will continue to increase as the world’s population grows and a changing climate presents a host of new challenges to farmers. For farmers to continue producing food and fibre for more and more people, researchers must continue to develop improved crops, healthier animals and more productive farming methods.

In a country like Nigeria, there is also a huge need to help emerging farmers who play a key role in rural and urban food security, whose contributions affects the nation’s economy in different ways such as:

Employment Opportunity:

The agricultural sector is significant as it provides greater employment opportunities in the construction of irrigation/drainage system, poultry, aquaculture, piggery and etc. With the fast growing population and disguised unemployment in the countries, it is only agriculture sector which provides more employment to the labor force. In this way, significance of agriculture emerges more and more.

Economic Development: 

In the course of economic development, agriculture employs majority of people.


This means raising the level of the national income and standard of living of the people. The rapid" rate of growth in agriculture sector gives progressive outlook and further motivation for development. As a result, it helps to create proper atmosphere for general economic development of the economy. Thus, economic development depends on the rate at which agriculture grows.

Source of Saving:

Improvement in agriculture can go a long way in increasing savings. It is seen that after harvest and selling of produce farmers will start saving their resources to enable them meet the demand for the season. This surplus amount can be invested in agriculture sector for further; development of the sector. Saving potentials are large in agriculture sector which can be properly tapped for the development of the country.

Marketable Surplus:

The development of agricultural sector leads to marketable surplus. As country develops more and more people are to be engaged in mining, banking, manufacturing and other non- agricultural sector. All these people depend upon the food production which they can meet from the marketable surplus, people need to eat, and so more food is required.

As agricultural development takes place, output increases and marketable surplus expands. This can be sold to other countries. Here, it is worth mentioning that the development of Japan and other countries were made possible by the surplus of agriculture. There is no reason why this could not be done in our own case in Nigeria.

At Lehae Farm we are committed to the development of agriculture, we will continue to conduct research, to produce good products which many farmers can depends on to enhance their productivity, together each of us contributes to helping the nation Grow through Agriculture.