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Makakwute Feed

When producing feed under the Makakwute Feed trademark, our team of animal feed specialist, and nutritionist pay close attention to most important factor of understanding that animal are different and unique in their owns way.

We know that Catfish don't eat the same things as pigs and pigs don't eat the same as chickens. Apart from variations within a species; there are also variations according to where the animal is kept, and what it does. Animals that exercise a lot, need energy to fuel their movement. Growing animals need food to increase their size. Old animals may not need to eat as much.

Feeding is the most important factor in successful animal care. An animal will only perform at it's potential if it is fed well. Being 'well fed' does not imply being 'over fed'. An animal that is fed well is given just enough (but not more) of the correct foods so that it can realize its production potential. Too much food can be as bad as too little. Over feeding animals can lead to obesity and health problems. Under feeding them can also lead to health problems.

All the above factors in mind we have created animal feeds that not only provide all the nutrient required for efficient grown of the animals but helps the farmers to maximize their profit.

Makakwute Feed Brands include the following

  • Catfish Feed
  • Poultry Feed (both for Broilers and Layers)
  • Pig Feed 

We also produce other essential products required for feed production such as the following:

  • Full fat soya
  • Groundnut Cake
  • Fish Meal