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Within our integrated agro business, animal feed production coupled with exceptional animal welfare and food safety assurance programs we procure sterile and pathogen-free raw materials. The poultry farm focuses on the growing cycle of the birds, enabling us to monitor every step, from day old stocking, to feeding stages, growth level, environmental impart and strict veterinary care, all through to maturity and harvest.

Biosecurity, flock health, body-weight control and uniformity management are core issues driving the optimal performance of our operations. We produce best breed of birds in order to provide consistent high quality poultry product.

Parent Stock

Parent Storck

Our breeder farm is stocked with the best breed, they lay eggs and the eggs are sent to our hatchery, when hatched they are stocked in our farm, we take care in nurturing of the parent stock to ensure they are healthy and well-nourished to be able to produce healthy eggs, which when they are hatched has all the necessary technical data which will enable us to grow them to mature healthy broilers.

Day Old Chicks

jarebar fresh house chicks

The eggs from the parents stocks are moved to the hatchery, for hatching to day old broiler chicks, which we stock in our broiler farm. Our hatchery farm is equipped with modern hatchery equipment which guarantees high performance and good hatching result.

The eggs from our parent stock farms which are moved to the hatchery are carefully selected and checked for defects, while the egg storage facility is carefully constructed in such a way that will ensure the healthy nature of any egg store. We do not accept or collect eggs from outside farmers for hatching, the reason is because we want to be sure of the source of the eggs we are hatching for day old chicks, the technical data for the hatchery is important to us as that assists us to better manage the broiler once they are stocked in the broiler farm


Poultry Farm Broiler

Broilers are birds that are grown purely for meat production by providing them with an energy and protein rich, highly nutritious diet. Lehae Farm chickens are delicious juicy chickens, and succulent when prepared. Lehae Farm is not a farm that produces a large number of birds per cycle we believe in creating memorable family meal occasions every week in most homes.

With these exciting insights and understating, Lehae Farms is evolving into a consumer-driven company which recognizes that customers are much more than just people, that buys their products, they are royalty and the very important reason we are in business.

Lehae Farms agrees that the consumer is at the heart of our business and without them there would be no business. Only by truly understanding our customers and distributors can we deliver meaningful innovation and keep building a sustainable and profitable business thereby helping the nation to grow.